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Bear & Burton's x RC Ranch Wagyu Beef Tallow (6 pack)

Bear & Burton's x RC Ranch Wagyu Beef Tallow (6 pack)

Referred to as "liquid gold" by competition pitmasters and professional chefs worldwide - beef tallow is a fancy name for rendered beef fat. While it sounds simple, as anyone who has ever done this process themselves knows...its not easy to source.
Use Bear & Burton's x RC Ranch Wagyu Tallow like you would traditional butter or high-temp oils.
Clean burning, naturally sourced, and 100% organic - our tallow offers exceptional versatility in the kitchen. So whether you are seeking the perfect homemade french fries to rival a certain set of arches, looking to take your baking to the next level (use as a substitute for butter in most recipes), or trying to achieve the perfect crust on steak night - Bear & Burton's x RC Ranch Wagyu Beef Tallow is ready to transform your tastebuds.
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What is the shelf life of The W Sauce?

W Sauce® & Fireshire® can be stored up tp two years. Refrigeration not required.